Anyplace, Anytime, you tell us.

Texas 200/400

Do you have what it takes to run across Texas? Are you able to run from Wichita Falls to Waco? Arlington to Austin? San Antonio to Stephenville? Huntsville to Hico? or Post to Pecos?

If so, you are the perfect runner for the new TEXAS 200 Virtual Run.

Choose your two hundred miles and run them anywhere in Texas – seriously you do not have to run from city to city to qualify. If you enjoy running in circles, you can always run your local high school track 800 times. You can count your daily training runs. You can count the miles when you run any Mellew or local race. Walking miles count also!

There is no time limit to complete your mileage! You can use this to motivate yourself to run/walk more and increase your exercise and improve your health. Challenge your family and friends to do it with you!

Here is what you get!

  • Tech or tri-blend t-shirt
  • Fantastic Texas 200 medal
  • Texas 200 bib number


Ask your company Health and wellness team to support you. We have plans that your company can pay for your and other fellow employees Texas 200 entries. Contact us at

For all of you who walk and have never estimated mileage – If you walk at a leisurely pace it will take you 17 to 18 minutes to finish a mile. If you walk briskly you can shorten that to 15 minutes per mile. Also there are plenty of free apps online that you could have on your phone to track mileage. So you can use time to estimate mileage. If you walk just 40 minutes – 3 times a week you will finish the Texas 200 in 5 months! If you walk longer and more days that time frame will reduce. All we want you to do is get moving and do more than you are now!

The choice is yours and the opportunities are endless!

What you do have to do is run 200/400 miles!

What do you get when you complete your miles?

A fantastic unusual Texas 200 or 400 finisher medal. This is a thick 3 inch medal with artistic ribbon!

Register 4 or more and save $5 off each entry.

Just $25


Texas 200 too easy for you? Then we have the Texas 400 for you!

Log 400 miles and get the bling!



Here is what you get!

  • Tech or tri-blend t-shirt
  • Fantastic Texas 400 medal
  • Texas 400 bib number

What does this cost?

Again Just $25


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Click here for pdf of Texas 200 running  log.

Register for Texas 400


You can now log and submit your miles online!